How do I get involved?

The easiest way to get involved is to become a member, volunteer, or donor. If you have specialized skills forward an email to support@farmupjamaica.org

Where on the island are you working?

Although we assist throughout the entire island, we have specific projects in Manchester and St. Elizabeth.

How do you help farmers?

We assist farmers by providing comprehensive assistance to get them up and running to start organic farming from scratch or expand their existing operations. WE DON’T HAND OUT MONEY, we provide farmers with organic technical training, land clearance assistance, organic seeds, organic fertilizer, labor and anything that will teach farmers “how to fish”, instead of just giving them the fish.

I have vacant farmland. How do I get on the program?

Click on the Become A Farmer link and fill out the questionnaire

Do you supply a market for the crops that you help farmers grow?

Yes, all crops that we grow have designated markets.

I’m going to Jamaica. Can I visit or stay on one of the farms?

Sure. Becoming a member has great benefits, click on the membership link for more information. Some of the packages include access to the farms (additional charges may apply).

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