The following programs will help to increase GDP and stabilize national food security.

Farmer Assistance Program: We assist distressed farmers in the sustainable cultivation of vacant and under-farmed lands. We accomplish this through a diaspora-funded farmer assistance fund that provides support to registered Jamaican farmers. We are advancing through Organic Farming and a “teaching them how to fish” approach that will give farmers access to the necessary markets, organic farming technical assistance, equipment, seeds and workforce to grow and harvest crops year after year. This program helps to:

  • Spread environmentally-conscious practices amongst small holder farmers and students
  • Make nutritious food affordable and easily accessible
  • Create self-reliant, working communities
  • Bolster local economies

Multi-Impact Partnership Program: Farm Up Jamaica connects with large corporations, worldwide, to help make Jamaica their choice, social-responsibility initiative destination. By inviting these partners to make impact-investments, farmers receive assistance in the cultivation of raw materials which are later purchased back by these corporations. This program literally creates multiple impacts:

  • Increased exports, reduced imports
  • Expansion of agricultural projects throughout communities
  • Improvement of local economies
  • Creation of numerous green jobs and jobs for value added products
  • Participation of students and graduate agriculturists.

Farm Up Jamaica is looking to make Jamaica the choice location for the cultivation of high-end, organic raw materials as well as the premier location for value-added production. Diaspora Naval String Program: Farm Up Jamaica partners with Diaspora across the globe to cultivate their inactive lands. Targeted crops are farmed which help reduce importation, measurably. This program:

  • Increases the Jamaican GDP
  • Reduces the importation of food into Jamaica
  • Increases the export of organic, niche produce
  • Creates numerous green jobs
  • Revitalizes dormant farming communities

Young Soldiers for Food Security Program: Through our ‘Young Soldiers for Food Security’ program, Farm Up Jamaica Ltd. has been giving students, from several agriculture schools, the opportunity to gain practical farming experience by working on our Organic farm- every weekend. We have been providing them with transportation, room and board, and a stipend to inspire them to create a vision for themselves that can positively impact their communities while preparing them to transition into Jamaica’s next generation of environmentally-conscious farmers. When these students graduate, we will offer them job placement with profit sharing and entrepreneurship opportunities in order to incentivize and promote the much-needed farming profession. Select students from this program will be assigned their own 1-acre farms complete with business plans, markets and assistance. These students will carry the torch and help safeguard food security. Focus of this program:

  • Young farmers transition into Jamaica’s next generation of farmers
  • Job placement
  • Agri-students train to become Agri-entrepreneurs with profit sharing opportunities
  • Safeguarding food security
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