Farm Up Jamaica obtains organic certification for eight Jamaican farmers

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unnamed-1PRESS RELEASE – For the first time in history, eight (8) Jamaican farmers obtain organic certification through Farm Up Jamaica’s philanthropic, group certification process.  

With the help of the Farm Up Jamaica global following, this Diaspora-led effort successfully raised funds and acquired costly Organic Certification, covering The U.S.(U.S.D.A.), Europe(EU) and Japan(JAS). The Farm Up Jamaica/dōTERRA Climate-Smart Institute as well as eleven (11) farms were certified.

Farm Up Jamaica prefers group certification for its inclusive benefits and significant impacts as it relates to economic growth and expansion.  “The United States retail market for organic products, alone, is valued at more than $43 billion—and consumer demand for organic products is growing exponentially. In addition to helping to reduce imports into Jamaica, we are helping more farms become certified organic in order to gain access to this growing market,” said Daihana Martinez, Farm Up Jamaica Ltd. Secretary.

The organization sited that although the certification process was a very challenging and lengthy endeavor, it was well-worth it as it boosts integrity and encourages farmers to use environmentally-sound, best practices.  Farmers who get certification are incentivized and rewarded with higher premiums for producing higher quality foods.  Greater premiums will fund crop expansion, food security and job creation.  

Currently, only about one percent of global agricultural land is dedicated to organic crops, so there is major opportunity here,” said Director of International Relations, Harold Franco.  Farm Up Jamaica Founder, Neil Curtis predicts that the lucrative business of organic farming will help to eliminate the stigma that Jamaican agriculture currently holds.  In fact, Curtis says “by helping graduating Agriculture students train to become successful organic growers, there will be a newfound respected prestige for the profession.  

As more and more consumers demand organic food, around the world, organic certification will be the ticket to help Jamaica become a major global supplier of organic produce. Additionally, nutritious organic food will become available in Jamaica.  Because the demand for organics is so incredible, Jamaica can take advantage of its rich, fertile and inactive lands without competing for markets. Farm Up Jamaica is the vehicle chosen by Diaspora to help ensure that every participating farmer gets their fair share of this golden opportunity.

This group certification has helped create thirty-two (32) new jobs and counting.  If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about the Farm Up Jamaica Group Organic Certification Process, please email or call (516) 376-1626 & (876) 592-5992.


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