Help Reduce the Importation of Foreign Food Into Jamaica

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Consider these statistics: Jamaica spends over $1 Billion US dollars annually on food imports but only exports $250 Million US Dollars worth of produce each year. The agricultural industry only represents 6% of Jamaica’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In a country with such vast arable lands, this is a significant economic challenge for the island but hope is not lost.

There are some 3.3Million diaspora living abroad if we all contribute a small amount, Jamaican farmers will get the help needed to improve the Country’s agriculture sector. Here is a very measurable way to give back. Our strategic vision for growing targeted crops that are short in the market, allows us to reduce importation while monitoring the effects of our contribution to the sector. We all want to help Jamaica and here is our opportunity.

In order to rebuild our agricultural industry, the only solution is to aggressively target and grow crops that are being imported the most. Farm Up Jamaica works with the Jamaica Ministry of Agriculture to ascertain which crops are being largely imported. We then focus on supporting farmers in growing these crops in abundance, so that we can make real measurable and tangible impact on reducing the need for imported foods. This will reduce the amount of food that needs to be imported into the island for local consumption. Help us raise funds to support our farmers do large scale cultivation so we can grow what we eat and eat what we grow. Together with your help we can strengthen the economy and provide more jobs as we rebuild the agricultural sector.If we stand back and do nothing, then we are all to be blamed.

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