Help distressed farmers cultivate vacant & under-farmed lands.

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There are over 200,000 registered farmers in Jamaica of which 190,000 of them are small-holder farmers, usually with under 12 acres of land to cultivate. Between hurricanes, drought, lack of irrigation, competition from the importation of produce and the lack of resources and money to cultivate their land, most of these farmers are struggling to survive and feed their families. They are in dire need of your help.

Through donations from Jamaicans and friends of Jamaicans, Farm Up Jamaica has created a farmer assistance fund to help these farmers. We work directly with individual farmers but we also go into farming communities and create farming cooperatives which enable small farmers to do big things. By working together strategically on cultivating specific crops, this allows small farmers to compete on a larger scale. Through your donations we help these farmers with all phases of the farming process. WE DO NOT GIVE FARMERS CASH. We roll-up our sleeves and support these farmers with land clearance, seeds, irrigation, hurricane recovery, workforce, packaging etc. and very importantly we also help secure buyers for their crops even before the first seed goes into the ground. This is the type of comprehensive assistance that Jamaica will need to recover. Its about teaching our farmers how to fish instead of just giving them the fish…

Jamaican farmers are eager to work but we have to give them something to look forward to. It is important to teach them that farming is not only based on welfare but will contribute to wealth creation. At Farm Up Jamaica, Farmers learn how to manage their money so that their future will always be bright. Farming should be a rewarding experience.

Your donations will go a long way to help these distressed farmers get back on their feet.

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